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Telecom, Media, & Entertainment

CIMG looks at telecommunications, media, and entertainment companies like operators of broadcast networks and social media sites to the developers of popular video games to identify powerful attractors of consumer attention and discretionary dollars. In an increasingly digital world, these companies play an instrumental role in our interactions with one another.


Take-Two Interactive


A major studio developer of hit franchise titles like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto with an ability to monetize products long after initial release.

Warner Bros. Discovery



Warner Bros. Discovery is a media conglomerate created through a 2022 merger after AT&T spun off WarnerMedia to Discovery. CIMG believes that WBD has a clear path to growing EBITDA through merger cost synergies and a competent management team who will turn their streaming offerings profitable. The current price implies little to no execution on these operational initiatives, leading us to believe the stock is undervalued. 

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