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About Us


CIMG was started in 2009 by four members of Alabama's Business Honors Program. Culverhouse alumni were generous enough to donate $315,000 in initial capital. After 12 years of returns and an additional $500,000 donated in February of 2020 by C.T. and Kelley Fitzpatrick, CIMG now manages over $2 million. 

Investment Process

CIMG seeks to narrow the available universe of publicly traded companies down to businesses of only the highest quality. Companies that qualify for investment are competitively entrenched as well as produce high returns on shareholder’s capital and free cash flow. When the price of a business that qualifies for investment is less than its intrinsic worth, CIMG will make an investment. The group seeks to purchase good businesses at a discounted price, maximizing the margin of safety and
minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss. Investment ideas are sourced from analysts in our seven industry-focused committees and then pitched to the group. If 2 out of 3 members of CIMG’s Investment Decision Committee/Board of Directors vote to purchase a security then it is added to the portfolio. CIMG students have full discretion on research, pitching, and purchasing stocks. 

Portfolio Management

CIMG seeks to be fully invested when adequate investment opportunities are available but will hold cash if there are not attractive alternatives. The group maintains the greatest margin of safety possible within its portfolio and will allocate capital accordingly. CIMG consistently monitors price movements of qualifying securities and switches positions to maximize its margin of safety.

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