Capstone Student Investment Conference


CSIC 2018 - February 23

The Capstone Student Investment Conference is a full-day event that brings together students and professionals from around the country who are passionate about investing and finance. They will learn from and interact with a distinguished panel of speakers (see below) who will share their expertise and insight, providing both timely advice on navigating today's investment environment and timeless wisdom on navigating ever-changing financial markets to come.

Attendees will also hear career-oriented advice from a panel of financial-industry professionals and will have the opportunity to meet representatives from prominent firms in the financial-services industry who see the conference as an ideal way to make contact with motivated and engaged students interested in finance-related careers. Last but not least, those attending CSIC will benefit from meeting like-minded peers from around the country with similar interests and aspirations, a start to building a network that should pay dividends far into the future.


Thank you so much for all your efforts in organizing the Capstone Student Investment Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, made a number of great connections and learned valuable lessons I expect will serve me extremely well as I embark on my career. 

I wanted to write to congratulate you again for putting on an absolutely wonderful investment conference this year. I woke up at 4:30 yesterday morning to listen to Rebecca Quick’s three-hour interview with Warren Buffett, and it is simply amazing to me how much the interview with Buffett mirrored everything said at the investment conference by your various speakers.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the investment conference last weekend. The speakers were excellent and you and the staff at the Bryant Conference center put on a first rate meeting with wide applicability to both the impressive students in attendance as well as alumni and practitioners in industry.

Past Speakers

Howard Marks

William Conway

William Nygren