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General Information

CIMG recruits new members at the beginning of each semester. Any UA undergraduate student may apply, regardless of major or background in finance. Interested students are welcome to email CIMG at at any time with any inquiries about joining the group.

Applying to CIMG is a multi-step process. At the beginning of each semester, CIMG will accept applications consisting of a resume and several short answer questions about interest in the group. After closely reviewing all of the applications, CIMG's Leadership team will conduct two rounds of interviews with select applicants. The first interview will be behavioral, evaluating an applicant's interest in investing and group fit. The second interview will consist of a short stock pitch followed by technical questions pertaining to the applicant's pitch and investing more generally. 

New Member Training Program

CIMG embraces the fact that many new members join the group with little to no experience in finance or stock research. To prepare new members with the technical understanding and abilities necessary to succeed as an analyst, CIMG has internally developed an extensive, 8-week training program which covers the basics of market analysis, business analysis, financial analysis, accounting, and valuation. All new members are required complete this program during their first semester in CIMG, and as a result, prospective new members should ensure they are available to meet weekly on Sunday afternoons and commit substantial time independently to completing assigned work associated with the training program.

Eligible applicants MUST fulfill the following

  1. Plan to complete their undergraduate degree no earlier than December 2022 (i.e. applicants should have 5 semesters of undergraduate coursework left to complete).

  2. Commit to attending 8 consecutive New Member Training Sessions from on Sunday afternoons from September 27th - November 22nd. (A few absences for significant conflicts are acceptable, but please do not apply if you know in advance that you will miss most or all of these sessions).

  3. Commit to attending regular CIMG General Meetings at 7pm on Monday nights for their remaining semesters in college.

Good Applicants Possess the Following 

  • Polished one page resume highlighting compelling experience

  • Strong interest in investing

  • Intellectual curiosity and demonstrated interest in learning

  • Excellent analytical and communication skills

  • Willingness to commit a substantial amount of time and energy to the group

Fall 2020 Application Timeline

Applications Open (link will be at top of page) - August 19th

CIMG Information Sessions (conducted via Zoom) - August 27th ( and September 1st (, 6:30 PM

Applications Close - September 4th, 11:59 PM CST

First Round Interviews (conducted via two phone interviews) - September 10th & 11th 

Second Round Interviews (conducted via video conference) - September 22nd & 23rd 

First New Member Training Session - September 27th, 2:00 PM

First CIMG Meeting with New Members - September 28th, 7:00 PM